‘Come for the skin book, stay for the history!’ An interview with Dr Lindsey Fitzharris

The image of the 18th-century anatomist is a shady one, redolent of midnight forays into graveyards and dissection in front of a rabble of students. The cadavers in these scenes are anonymous and devoid of character; mere objects fuelling a relentless craving for knowledge.

But everybody who ended up on the anatomist’s table was once a person meeting the everyday worries and joys of life. Dr Lindsey Fitzharris...

STD Cupcakes and a documentary. Interested?

Lindsey Fitzharris runs a blog called The Chirurgeon’s Apprentice, and it’s about surgery in the pre-anaesthetic period. She’s decided to make a film about some of the really morbid and often macabre side of medicine that went on. From nooses to books bound in human skin, the sort of thing Casualty and ER never had the cojones to grapple!

Boston Globe: Where the bubonic plague stopped

If you find yourself tempted to bring your sick kid to daycare, or to slip off to the movies with the flu, here's a story to stiffen your commitment to the social contract. In September 1665 the bubonic plague arrived in the village of Eyam, central England. Terrified residents made plans to flee but two local clergymen intervened: It's your Christian duty, they preached, to stay here and not spread the disease. So, for 14-months, Eyam barricaded itself from the rest of the world and let the plague rage.

Eyam's story was the basis for Geraldine Brooks's 2008 novel Year of Wonders and also the subject of a documentary from Big Baby Productions recently promoted on the medical history blog The Chirurgeon's Apprentice. As you'll see in the trailer (below), the outcome was grim.

MIPDOC Preview (pages 16-17)

How to Launch an Indie...on the Isle of Bute

My father gave me one piece of advice that has remained lodged in my brain for over two decades. “If you have to spend the better part of your life working, make sure you choose something you love to do. Only then, will you invest the time and energy needed to make it a success”.

CAMERA MOD: Brownie Bullet + Holga = FrankenHolga!

It all started with a Holga, my first Holga (you always remember your first). When I bought it almost 10 years ago, I had no idea that it would be one of many, nor did I realize that it would go through a transformation into what would become one of my favorite cameras ever...

Echo Bloom's Fireworks released

Gregg McNeill and Lesley-Anne Morrison of Big Baby Productions worked directly with the boutique analog photography company Lomography on this video between London, New York City, and Vienna. The team compiled the equipment and expertise to film the vision McNeill and Morrison hatched with Echo Bloom's Kyle Evans, and then traveled to the Isle of Bute in the highlands of Scotland to execute it.

In Evans' words: "The shoot hinged on the Lomokino, a new take on a really old concept - a hand-cranked motion picture camera.

New Baby Brings ‘Big Baby’ to Scotland

An award wining US based independent film maker has turned her back on the bright lights of New York and Los Angeles to return to her roots in the west of Scotland to bring up her new baby.

Lesley-Anne Morrison (31) spent four years building up her company, Big Baby Productions, into a major force in the US independent scene with a string of awards to her name and a portfolio of projects involving such high-profile names as director Tony Scott and actors Robert Redford, Alan Cumming, Piper Laurie and JK Simmons amongst others.

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